I was surprised at the huge selection of wines at Buffalo Jump Wines when we went on a company wine tasting tour recently. Since then I have taken my wife as well and where I love the 2007 Petite Sirah Reserve with its intense tannin of hints of vanilla and light oak taste, my wife could not get enough of the 2011 Chardonnay. It is definitely recommended that you go on one of their wines tasting tours or even book a private wine tasting, you will not be disappointed!

Colton Small, managing director at smallandson.com


When I saw this bottle of Buffalo Jump wines at a friend’s house recently I loved the fruity taste of the Chardonnay he offered me. Needless to say, we finished that bottle and after he opened a Cabernet during dinner later that evening, which was from the same label, I knew that this was a label I had to have. I have since then ordered several bottles of various types from Buffalo Jump Wines and each is as delicious as the previous one. Guess what I am giving friends and colleagues for Christmas this year, definitely an appreciated bottle of wine from my new favorite label.

Peter Simms, copywriter at fernilo.com


Awesome export quality Chardonnay that we love to buy as gifts for my husband’s company and for friends over Christmas periods and even birthdays is why we love Buffalo Jump wines. Sipping a glass of wine after work is something of a ritual with us and going down to the estate on a regular basis to replenish our stocks is something the owners are used to by now. They are a friendly and spontaneous couple whose company we enjoy and they always make us feel welcome.

Rentia Gibson, sales assistant at quitarworld.com


It is the only wine estate where we buy our wines from, both to drink ourselves and as great gift. Everybody loves the wines regardless of taste in wines as Buffalo Jump Wines have variety for any palate. My favorite is the dry rose wines with its fruity and delicious Rose aroma. It is reminiscent of our native Italian Rose Wines and I have not tasted any Rose quite as delectable. I drink it with any food, even steak and whatever comes my way, as long as I have a glass of my Rose from Buffalo Jump, I am happy!

Rente Patel, web designer at dimpleton.com


Treating the staff of bahistanbul1 & Betboo Bahis Team is something the company believes and during a recent day outing to Buffalo Jump Wines, we had the best day out. It was a wine tasting event, the Cabernet that I tasted was some of the best I have ever tasted, and I have to admit I am quite the connoisseur. They offer single, medium, and large group tours and our company went in a group of sixteen and I have even been back sine for some private wine tasting. It is a recommended event for companies, in rich lovely surroundings with great hosts and awesome wines.

Didem Özkurt, SEO Manager at https://bahisnerdepro.com/


I was pleasantly surprise by the warm and friendly hospitality of husband and wife team of Buffalo Jump Wines two weekends ago. They welcome my husband and I like long lost friends and were eager to take us one a private wine tasting tour. The wines were tremendous and I especially love the locally raised fruit and honey wines where my hubby likes the Cabernets. It will definitely be the place to buy your wines from if you love your wines as much as we do!

Samantha Pew, graphic designer at flaws.com