About us

We started our dream in 2001 when we moved from New York to Brisbane, Ashwell to take over my father-in-law’s estate. Pamela that is my gorgeous wife and I, were apprehensive, but excited and the prospect to take over a dwindling winery looked like a glooming prospect. Three years later, we bottled our first Wines and today we are the immensely proud owners of a magnificent product that is enjoyed across the country.

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We had a common goal and while we knew very little about winemaking, we employed an excellent team of expert winemakers who are still with us today. We shared a common goal and that was to bottle delicious wines for all to enjoy and create an outstanding label that would be recognized around the country.

Our first season is something we would never forget and that year we made fifteen different varieties of wine, some of them include Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon as well as Marechal Foch and Frontenac. Two year later, we bottled our first Baco Noir and Shiraz and the fun began.

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With the growing number of maturing vines at one time, we had over sixteen different wines to test and taste. Several year ago, we completed our cellar and wine maturing started in earnest with us currently offering several wine tasting tours and have an extensive collection of wines in our cellars.