Smooth, medium bodied, white wine with rich green apple and floral notes that leaves you with a refreshing acidity and lingering finish. It is the perfect accompaniment to white fish in cream sauce salads, pork roasts, chees platters, and antipasto and on its own.

Sauvignon Blanc

Smooth and medium-bodied white wine with a fresh gooseberry and pear finish. The perfect accompaniment for any chicken dish, sharp cheeses, asparagus dishes and on its own.





Crips and white with full aromas of tangerine, clover, and honey it has a clear green apple taste with a sweetly smooth finish. It is the perfect accompaniment for spicy Thai food, creamy pasta dishes, and scallops in creamy butter or on its own.




Cabernet Franc

Magnificent medium bodied ruby red with a smoothness and a long finish it has a floral nose with pepper and delicious red fruits. It is the prefect wine for ribs, ploughman’s lunch, grilled sausage, and brie or blue cheese platters and on its own.

Ergomont Red

Dark and ruby red with a blend of Frontenac, Merlot, and Cabernet France, it is full bodied with aromas of cassis, thyme and cranberry and medium tannins. The perfect accompaniment for olive oil pastas, steaks, cheeses or on its own.

Baco Noir

Medium bodied red wine with a spiciness and aromas of cherries and blackberries. It is a great accompaniment for peppercorn-encrusted steaks, pizzas, fillet mignon or on its own.


Full bodied with a rich taste of pepper, and earthy black cherries it has a smoky finish. It is the perfect accompaniment for pork and beef ribs, BBQ hamburgers, dark chocolate, and turkey with cranberry sauce or on its own.